Is your emergency kit still in the house?

- backpacks by the door are vulnerable to the same threat as everything else in the house. Much relies on remembering to take it and if you do remember, how reliable is it?

Chance favors only the prepared mind.
-Louis Pasteur

Nearly indestructible, made of 16 g. arc welded steel, with locks. it is impervious to most exterior threats including moisture, vermin and pilfering. It has a low profile concealed in the landscape, or a high profile depending on your needs. It is sustainable, permanent & reusable like the bulk of its contents. It also comes in great colors like:
Cobalt blue
Baltic Grey
Safety Yellow
Vivid Green
Plan - Provision - Participate
  • If you buy an emergency kit, it should not be off-the-shelf. 
  • If you don't buy one, then make one. 

  • ..but get one started



- Post-event protocol
- ID tags for each family member
-Disaster Prep Guide
-Home Inventory
-Emergency Financial Aid Kit


Water cannot be rationed like food. That is why our pod delivers double the water of other kits. Extra water provides a buffer, allows for generosity and fortifies the level of security. 5 yr. stable with free refills. installed.


It’s no good having tools in the garage when it’s in a pile of rubble and you have to turn the gas off NOW. The tools in the pod are those recommended by FEMA, high quality and meant to last - including light search & rescue equipment, sanitation and  lighting. 


The food in our pod is from a trusted expert on long-term storage of food and includes a choice of vegetarian or meat-based diets. It is secure and shelf=stable for a minimum of five years. It is compact, provides 2000 calories /day /person and includes items necessary to prepares and serve. It is food, not power-bars.

First Aid

Much more than swabs and band-aids. Our pod includes a real medical kit from Adventure Medical., with real implements –allowing you to treat • Burns • Blisters • Bites • Shock • Inflammation • Diarrhea & Constipation • Fractures & Sprains • Stop bleeding • Irrigate, Treat & Close a wound • Sterile instruments & work area • Step-by-step Field Medical manual. 


Apart from water and medical the security of your data might in the end be the most important component of your recovery. All of your critical financial, estate, medical and identity information should be securely archived and sent to a trusted out-of-state contact. Brace4Impact makes it easy to do this securely for yourself. We also provide for a more thorough and bonded process of archiving sensitive / personal data separate from that available in the pod. Given the known vulnerabilities and incursions, this should  be your first step. The frequency of data breaches far outweighs the rate of disasters. 


Pets are family. When they go missing during normal times it causes unimaginable anguish but losing a pet in an emergency can make a disaster tragic. Tools and resources used to find lost pets may be unavailable, from simply driving the streets to internet sites devoted to lost pets. Off the shelf kits rarely consider pets in the emergency plan. Our pod prepositions you and your pet by providing Pet flyers - for use in the event-, Long term food and water storage, Restraints - separate from day to day, as well as inclusion of pet’s identity and medical information in the Family Plan.


Pods are limited by internal space and leave little excess room. Grid below should be used as a guideline allowing for critical personal additions. 

Small Pod (Approximation)
includes food, medical, H2o, tools, plan, pet and data

1 - 2 persons (1 pet) + free water replacement after 5 years.

Large Pod (Approximation) includes food, medical, H2o, tools, plan, pets and data

3 - 5 Persons (2+ pets) + free water replacement after 5 years.

PetPod (only)

First Aid, water, packed to store in carrier. You add restraints, personal items, medical info, ID and photo.
$35.00 (small)
$55.00 (large)
(add 6.00 each for USPS delivery)


basics needed for auto stranding / abandonment
(add 6.00 each for USPS delivery)

Unique Needs

medical conditions, senior-autonomy, low-income, commercial positioning, neighbor alliance, over-the-top, etc.
Project based price

Water Installation (only)
5 people/3 gal./day for 3+ days. (Red Cross: minimum of 1 gal./day/person)

54 gal. ( in 1 or 2 containers) 5 year stable. Installed.

Water Installation (only)
2 people/3 gal./day for 3+ days. (Red Cross: minimum of 1 gal./day/person)

30 gal. (in 1 or 2 containers) 5 year stable. Installed.